Our Mission


Perth has a pretty amazing pool of talent. Our vision is to see more people get involved in music through education, and more of our talented musicians stay & build careers in Perth with the help of our services.


We're crazy passionate about seeing Australians getting involved in music. Around 20% of kids in Australia learn a musical instrument. Not surprisingly, 70% of adults regret not learning one. So we've made it our mission to reverse those numbers. We believe in a Music Education Revolution, a community of musicians and students learning and growing socially and in a creative environment. Free from curriculum, restrictions and fear of failure.

Try before you buy

All instruments

Your first 30-min lesson is a try-it-out lesson. Meaning you can try us out, and you only pay if you decide to continue. Risk-free & easy!

We teach guitar, vocals, piano, drums, bass, violin, viola, saxophone, clarinet & flute. Plus we're continually adding new instruments.

We welcome all ages (5+) and experience levels. You're never too young, too old or too inexperienced to learn an instrument.

We're open till 8pm and over the weekend, so no matter how busy your week is, we'll be able to find a time that suits you.

All ages + levels

Convenient times

Have a question? Check out our FAQ

What age can a student start?


Generally we recommend ages 5+ but it depends greatly on the individual, and the instrument. Technique is the biggest factor when considering instruments at a young age. For example, the technique required to play a violin is more demanding than that of a piano.

Do I need to provide my own instrument?


To attend a Try-It-Out lesson, you can arrange the use of one of Creative Labs' instruments, however we would strongly recommend that you purchase or hire your own instrument if you decide to continue.

Do you take beginners?


Absolutely! We've helped bring many new-comers into the world of music.

How do I pay for lessons?


If you decide to continue after your first Try-It-Out lesson, you can sign up for Automated Billing, where your weekly fee will be debited automatically each week after the lesson.

Do you hire instruments?


We don't do it ourselves, but we can put you in touch with trusted companies that can arrange Instrument Hire for you.

How does a normal lesson work?


We tailor each lesson to each individual student, but generally, we'll strike an even balance between learning technique & theory, and working towards playing music you enjoy.

How much effort does it take to learn an instrument?


That's a tricky one, but it all comes down to what you want to do on your instrument and your time-frame. If you just want to learn as a hobby, 15 minutes practice a day will see steady improvement, but if you want to go from beginner to professional, you're looking at 2-4 hours a day over a few years. Regardless of what you want to do, however, getting lessons always speeds up this process.

What if I'm not talented enough to learn an instrument?


There's really no such thing as natural talent, there's only people who perhaps started a little earlier than you. Everyone has to work hard over a long period of time to master any art-form, and music is no different.

Can you teach me ____ style/genre/song?


Yes, and whilst all our tutors have a solid grounding in all types of music, we have specialist tutors who will be able to assist you if you are interested in a particular genre or style.









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